Welcome to another blog! I’ve recently been playing a game called Pokemon Showdown! Yes, not Pokemon Showdown. Pokemon Showdown! Apparently you NEED the exclamation mark. :expressionless: I’m currently playing games with a rating of 1500 – 1600. I’ve enjoyed this game, so why not make a game review! I hope you like it, and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments!

Pokemon Showdown is a free, online multiplayer battle simulator. The tournament style regulations make battling fun, but balanced and structured. This gives you a variety of game modes, Pokemon teams, and active players to provide a player with the maximum experience.


Pokemon Showdown! has simple battling techniques and features that are used in many other Pokemon games. This makes it really simple for beginners and professionals. The game is well organised, and all Pokemon are well balanced according to its stats. My experience of the game has been rather smooth.

Competition And Ranking

“How good you are” is determined through a simple rating process. Winning a round gains rating, and losing reduces it. Your opponents are usually near the same rating as you, that way, it’s hard to have unfair match ups.


The music in this game is nice, during battle, the song is the well known Pokemon encounter and battle music.

Game Modes

Basically, you can have a random battle with randomly selected Pokemon, or a match with a team you create yourself. In addition to that, there are many Game Modes like Generation 7 battle and doubles battle. There is a massive amount of things you can do, just fiddle around with the game!




Play against other players with randomly assigned Pokemon.

Start your own Pokemon team and exercise leadership.

Use your knowledge of Pokemon to your full advantage.

Pokemon has continued to be popular despite being a couple of decades in the market. There are no shortages of simulators, in addition to the official games, that players can take part in.

If you’re looking for a free Pokemon game that you can play, then you should go on over and join Pokemon Showdown. This is a browser-based Pokemon battle simulator, featuring all of the Pokemon that you love and know from the popular franchise.

Although it is not an official game, the website does show a lot of effort on the part of the developers to be accurate and faithful to the original. Of course, it does have its own twist to the original so it can stand out on its own as well.

First off, the game is free to play. You only need to nominate a username for yourself, and you’re good to go.

What you want to do is to enter into a random battle. This is the most basic of the game’s features. When you click on the Battle button, the server assigns you six Pokemon and an opponent, also with six Pokemon.

To make itself more challenging, the game gives you random Pokemon, with different types so that you are compelled to formulate a strategy based on the knowledge that you have about Pokemon and how different types interact with each other.

Bear in mind that certain Pokemon types are effective against other types, but are totally impervious to the attacks of other types. You have to understand that, or else your Pokemon are going to get slaughtered by a single Pokemon over at the enemy’s side.

Each Pokemon gives you access to four abilities. One is the active or default attack capability, the other three are either defensive or healing abilities, a special offensive ability, or a combination of both. Develop an understanding of these abilities, and you can formulate a very effective strategy. Simply hover each ability to find out what it does so you can learn and plan.

If your Pokemon is getting low on health, you can swap it anytime you want with another Pokemon on your roster. This tag team feature will help prolong the survival of your Pokemon team, especially against a quite powerful opponent or opponents.

You also have the option of building your own team through the Team Builder function. This function allows you to bond with your team every time that most, if not all, of you are online at the same time.

If you’re up for some challenge, you can explore the myriad of battle types that the game has to offer you.

Pokemon Showdown is a no-frills method through which you can enjoy a game of Pokemon online and for free. Visit the website now and explore what this amazing browser-based Pokemon battle simulator has in store for you.